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05-15-2014, 04:02 PM
After purchasing a condo this spring, we had a toilet issue. Called several companies and Express Rooter was the first available (should have been a sign). After coming out and fixing 1 thing, they showed me another problem and said that they would be able to do the repair the following week and that it would involve getting into the crawl space, cutting into my line and then splicing new pipe into my line. Also said there would be tile damage and repair needed. Said it was a big job so they needed a $350.00 deposit which I paid. Cancelled my patients and drove down to LOTO on a Thursday. Guess what... no plumber. Called and told they would be there at 1:30 instead of 9 AM. this went on all day until they finally said they couldn't make it and rescheduled. Drive back down on a different day and still no plumber. Finally, 3 hours after he was supposed to show up, I get a call from the guy who was to do the repair telling me he overslept. I told him that I had already had another company on the way. Got a "I'm really sorry and we will refund your deposit."

Here it is almost 2 months and many phone calls later, no refund. Was told 2 weeks ago that the check was mailed by the office... RIGHT?

In my opinion, use this company at your own risk!

On a good note, the other company that came did the job in 1 hour, no cutting and splicing pipe, and at 1/7th the cost of the other plumber.

05-16-2014, 10:36 AM
and there's a big "Welcome to the lake" for ya doc ! The fun has just begun.