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    Corona Virus!!!!

    You make very good points. I am extremely worried that many businesses will not come back. Sure, the corporate stuff will weather this out. But I know

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    Fool's Gold

    Corona Virus!!!!

    I have, absolutely apply for it. No word on how much is going to be granted but if you don't apply I am sure you will not be in line for a grant.

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    Matt Trulio

    Charting Courses For Recovery: Double-R Performance And Performance Marine

    "If you are one of our customers, we are going to try to make your boat and the time you spend on it the very last thing youíre going to part with

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    Corona Virus!!!!

    It is not and will not be taxed. It is technically an advance on a refundable tax credit for 2020.
    If you don't want the $$$, use it for what it

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    Corona Virus!!!!

    Welcome to the Bay!!!!!!!
    Look forward to meeting you. I've been staying at HB for 10 ish years and we bought last year. Still haven't met Dredd.........I

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