Ok here is the deal if you can't see images and you have a firewall running

No images?
A few users can't see some images on our websites. Why?
Either because you are trying to view the images from a different website or because you are running some kind of security program such as Norton Internet Security.

But I can see images on other websites!
We have a large number images on our website and unfortunately people used to link directly to them from their websites. This was a problem because we have to pay for the bandwidth which allows this data to be transferred from our websites. People were 'stealing' our bandwidth and this slows down our website.

To prevent this bandwidth theft we have employed a server level security feature which checks where people are viewing the images from. If they are viewing them from our website then we allow the images to be served. If, however, they are viewing them from a different website, we do not serve the images and redirect people to a default page.

This security system we use is employed by lots of websites.

What is exactly is happening?
Your security software is stopping your browser (probably Internet Explorer) from sending 'referrer' information to the website you are visiting. This referrer information is simply the address of the one previous web page you came from.

Before certain images on our website are displayed, the server checks the referer information to make sure that it is a page on our website which is requesting them. If this information is not available - say if your security software has blocked it - then our server thinks that you are trying to view the image illegally and will not send it.

The fix?
1) Disable the feature of your security software which prevents referrer information from being sent to websites (We don't recommend this so don't do it)
2) Add our site to your list of 'trusted' websites.

Here are some links to the Norton Site on how to add www.midwestboatparty.com and midwestboatparty.com (without the www.) to your list of trusted websites. I'm sure other firewall software has similar instructions.

For Norton 2002 and before http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT...00070515373136
For Norton 2003-2004 and before http://service1.symantec.com/SUPPORT...02110811290836

To create a rule
1) Open Norton Internet Security or Norton Personal Firewall.
2) Do one of the following.
In Norton Internet Security/Norton Personal Firewall 2003, click Options > Internet Security or Personal Firewall (This step is not always needed), and then click the Web Content tab.
In Norton Internet Security/Norton Personal Firewall 2004, double-click Privacy Control, and then click Advanced.
3) Click Add Site. A new site/domain box appears.
4) Enter the name of the site that you want to receive the referrer information and click OK. In this case, it will be www.midwestboatparty.com and midwestboatparty.com (without the www. ). The site name appears in the left frame of the Options window.
5) Click the name of the new site.
6) Click the Global Settings tab.
7) In the "Information about visited sites" section, clear "Use default settings."
8) Click Permit.
9) Click OK to close the Options window