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    Quote Originally Posted by 35fountain View Post
    then no need to answer last year if i remember right every one that reg was listed and also we reg about mid may to make sure we got in just was interested how it was going
    Sorry 35 Fountain, we didn't handle that response very well. The answer to your question is 76 as of 12:42 AM Wednesday.

    I haven't left my office for almost 24 hours trying to get ready for the event, and have slept about 4 hours in the last 2 days.

    I've got sponsors that haven't paid even though they've been invoiced since January, I've got people that committed to events 51 weeks ago, deciding they have better things to do all of a sudden, there are a million loose ends to tie up, and oh, I blew up my motors two weeks ago, and I'm not sure if I'll have a boat for my own poker run.

    Having said that, none of that is your problem.

    I get probably 8 PM's per day asking how many boats are registered and so does Eddie. It was not a bad question, just a bad answer we gave through sheer frustration at the moment. Not your fault for asking, our fault for answering in the way we did.

    The reason we don't always answer the question is its a bit loaded to some. There are people that won't do an event unless they think it will be a huge event. Unfortunately, the reality is that early numbers mean nothing as we learned over the years.

    Last year on the day before the poker run, I had 52 boats registered. By the end of the registration party we had 102. So obviously our early numbers meant nothing in terms of the ultimate success of the run.

    Again, please accept our apology for the way in which that question was answered, we're just very stressed right now.
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    no need to apologize i asked the boat count a couple of weeks back did not get an answer figured you where loaded with things to do. i know you have lots to do so its no big deal hope everything goes well

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    See you again next year, great spending time with you and your family at the dinner.



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