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    the reason do Fashions in Clothes Change

    Fashion in clothes change for almost as many different reasons as there are fashions. The main causes are changes in the type of work we do, the cost and availability of materials used and the invention of new materials such as synthetic fibers.
    The attitude of different societies towards the body and how to display it is also important. For example, if a girl in the Middle Ages had been a mini-skirt that would have been regarded as insane or evil, social norms change from one era to another from one country to another.
    There have been dramatic changes in fashion in this century, due in part to the availability of new and cheap rnaterials and partly because this generation believes that clothes should be a matter of personal choice, and ILS ILS comfortable and well attractive.
    Many of the clothes of our ancestors fussy, often require yards and yards of fabric, would be too expensive to produce today. It would also be inappropriate to imagine modern life cycling in a crinoline.
    Major wars often influence fashion. During World War II-style women's clothing became military. Jackets, for example, had padded shoulders square. After the war, this trend has changed voluminous, feminist, new face of Dior, the great French designer.
    Another major change occurred after the First World War. Women who had worked for the first time with men in the factories during the war began to dress more freely and began to wear short skirts.
    Today, what we wear is largely a matter of personal choice, comfort and what they can afford.

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    Damn spammers!!

    I was hoping for a coupla pics of some new bikinis!
    Troy & Chrissy

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    One got through.

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    The difference between an average person and a great person is not whether or not they fail, but how they react when they fail. In the worst of times, true men are born.



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