How do I post a pic?
You must use the "New Topic" or "Post Reply" buttons found at the top and bottom of each page. You can't use the quick reply area at the bottom is you want to post pics.

After you go to the "Post Reply" page and type in your message, scroll down to the "Attatchments" area where you will see a "browse" button that allows you to browse your harddrive for the pic. Just select the pic you want, then upload it, and submit your message:

Resizing Pics

Please try to resize your pictures to 640 x 480 before you upload them to either the forum or the photo gallery. Not only does it make the pictures easier to see as they fit within the framework of the forum, but it keeps bandwidth down and bandwith = $$$$$$!!!!!!!

The easiest way is to try this online resizer. GREAT. Hemi found it for us and says that she selected one of her honkin' 6.2 megapixel 3 MB pics and it spit out a 37k file. Slick. Once your photo shows up, just right click on it and save it to your hard drive (might need to rename it?)

If you do not have a program that resizes, some of the users of this forum use some free software found here.

I haven't tried it but they say its free and it works. If you don't know how to resize, you can always contact me or eddie via pm.