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Thread: dock lights

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    dock lights

    For safety is it better to have constant or motion detector lighting on dock? For theft is it better to have constant or motion detector lighting on dock? We have constant blue light at end . This is on the walk way only. We are trying to get rid of bugs and spiders.

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    I wonder if anyone really has stats on that.
    I'd think random 'on' combined with motion would be safest because it makes it hardest to recognize your routine that way. But, I'd also think motion lights would be plenty effective.
    I've been geeking out a little on lights lately. The 5700k color range, which is the sun range, is literally stunning when it suddenly comes on in the dark. That color isn't hard to get in LEDs. Check out the Sansi brand on eBay.
    Another side note; I got some wifi plug-in adapters for like $10 someone on here recommended. I have my boat battery charger scheduled to kick on Friday afternoon for a few hours. You can create schedules and control them from anywhere. Could do some fun stuff with dock lights using those. So cool.
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