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    A couple of questions on products...

    I have a Cigarette that has the "leather" interior. I have been told to be careful what I use to clean and protect it, as it could streak from sitting in the sun. Armor All is a definite no-no from what I understand.
    Do you recommend your protectant for this application?

    Also, I have some stains on the top and sides of the drives from heat and exhaust. It's kind of a black, baked on film.
    What would take this off the easiest?

    Thanks in advance for you time.

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    Our vinyl protectant is designed to work with the natural plasticizers in leather and vinyl. There are no harsh chemicals that will streak in the sun. It also does not create a seal or barrier over the surface (like Armor All). We just got back from Sarasota and used it on several Cigarette's, as well as other high performance boats. The UV protection alone is worth its weight in gold! It keeps your colors darker and whites "whiter"...longer.

    Whether or not you use our Vinyl Protectant, be careful what you use. Using a "protectant" that seals the material is like wrapping it in plastic wrap and leaving it in the desert.

    As for your drives, try our Shark Tower. Not only will it clean them, it protects up to 1210 degrees. This makes keeping them clean a breeze. Clean with Shark Tower, as needed, and maintain with Waxing Frenzy!

    Hope this helps. If you need more info...just ask.




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